“My experience of working with Linsey has been excellent, a truly collaborative process. She took time and care to understand what I needed my website to do and how I wanted it to look. She was interested in the content I needed to communicate and the overall tone which I wanted to convey. Linsey brought her experience and understanding of how the public approach sites, how best to communicate through a site, and how to make the various aspects and pages work as an integrated whole.

Any technical barriers or impediments were addressed with imagination, efficiency, and humour. There was always a sense that a solution would be found, and it was, without fuss. I feel very fortunate that Linsey undertook this work, and she enabled me to enjoy the process much more than I anticipated!”
Simon Cregeen, Consultant Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist

“Linsey has done some great work for our websites writing descriptions of our fabrics, describing not just their appearance and textures but also some of the more technical aspects. What I like and appreciate most about working with her is the way that she could immediately tune into our desired ‘voice’ and use the same tone and approach as we wanted to ourselves. It was such a relief to be able to hand over to her and find that she could come up with ideas and themes that were just as we would have wished for, or if anything, better!”
Liz Purcell, Rollerblinds Ltd

“We worked with Linsey on developing our marketing plan, offer and outreach for our well being initiative the YogaLife Project. Linsey was great to work with. She listened carefully, asked good, meaningful questions and understood very quickly our proposition. She gave us a whole new perspective on what we were trying to achieve and really helped us fine-tune and direct our energy and ideas. We are now working on a number of ideas we shaped with Linsey and we look forward to working with her again as they progress. Linsey is funny, thoughtful and generous with her time. She also writes extremely well which is a vital skill to have when trying to raise awareness in the media.”
Mick Timpson, YogaLife Project

“Linsey’s an original thinker and excellent creative problem solver. She advised us on marketing strategy and has written much of our website – www.alisonappleton.com . Her writing is engaging, innovative and always appropriate for the target audience. Copywriting is consistently of the highest quality and her eye for detail, humour and knowledge of marketing strategy are equally good; this makes for a potent mix of talent. She is charming and generous with advice and ideas and I feel extremely lucky to have her on our team.”
Alison Appleton, Designer of luxury tea ware

“Having worked with Linsey for a number of years, I can wholeheartedly endorse both her style (personal and written) and her skill. Whether it’s writing perfectly pitched copy for any purpose, motivating the people she’s working with or solving problems through strategic communications, her calm, common-sense approach and creative flair always deliver and make her a pleasure to work with.”
Victoria Bottomley, Manchester City Council

“Linsey can always think of exactly the right way to describe and promote what we’re doing. She has a great way with words and is famous for creating snappy, relevant copy. Endlessly patient and even-tempered, Linsey works in the most stressful situations to ensure deadlines are met. She has a brilliant sense of humour and her grammar and spelling are second to none. First-rate communication skills on every level.”
Libby Tempest, Gaskell Society

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